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Around SUtton Camping and Cabins

Sutton Camping and Cabins is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, with a treasure trove of natural wonders waiting to be discovered in the surrounding area. Whether you're an avid hiker, a paddler seeking exciting waters, or a nature lover yearning to explore the untouched wilderness, this enchanting locale has something for everyone. The vast network of hiking trails, hidden waterfalls, and scenic viewpoints offers countless opportunities for adventure and breathtaking vistas.


The nearby creeks and rivers are perfect for fishing, kayaking, and swimming, while birdwatchers can relish in the diverse avian population. From thrilling explorations to serene moments of connection with nature, Sutton Camping and Cabins serves as the ideal launchpad for your outdoor escapades, ensuring that your stay is filled with unforgettable experiences and a deep appreciation for the great outdoors.


"A variety of outdoor activities await you at the Obed Wild and Scenic River. Kayaking, canoeing, and rafting are popular seasonal activities. The 45 miles that comprise the river system includes whitewater runs that range from Class II to Class IV.

Rock climbing and boulder climbing are also available at the park. Dozens of climbing routes ranging up to 200 feet in length are offered.

For those who love to fish, the Obed is home to a variety of bass, bluegill, catfish, and muskie, among others.

Obed Wild and Scenic River also offers several different hiking trails at varying lengths throughout the park. Camping is offered at Rock Creek Campground, and picnic benches and grills are provided at the Nemo Picnic Area." -NPS.Org/Obed


"The confluence of Clear Creek and the Obed River is home to a series of beautiful sandstone cliff bands providing some of the best sport climbing in the Southeast. Just bring a rack of draws, a stick clip (high first bolts are commonplace in these parts), and guns (double entendre intended). The rock here is Cumberland Plateau sandstone, and the sedimentary layering of the rock tends to form huge horizontal roofs, jugs, and slopers. The rock is generally bullet hard and provides good friction. Climbing happens year-round chase the shade or sun depending on the season."   -Mountain Project


"Windrock Park is 73,000 acres of off-road excitement located in Oliver Springs, TN. The trails accommodate all types of vehicles from ATVs, SxSs, dirt bikes, mountain bikes, Jeeps/4x4s, buggies and trucks. We are the LARGEST privately owned riding area in the country. Known for keeping the rider in mind, come see what everyone is talking about!" -Windrock Park


 This section of Clear Creek in Morgan County is 7.5 miles long and is according to American Whitewater a class II-IV section of whitewater. The beautiful scenery of Tennessee and the water flowing gracefully down Clear Creek are reasons enough to come here and paddle. Whitewater paddling here in the Cumberland Plateau Mountains is a great experience. If you've been whitewater rafting and kayaking outside this state you might find the rivers here a bit more challenging, so if you're not from around here don't forget that a large number of rivers in this state are not easy. This stretch has has enough mileage, good for a one day paddling trip. Whether you're whitewater rafting or kayaking this is an area with plenty of places for that.

Morgan county, Lilly to Nemo section whitewater kayaking, rafting, and paddling information.


Nestled amidst the natural splendor of Tennessee, Lilly Pad Hopyard Brewery offers a refreshing escape for beer aficionados and nature enthusiasts alike. With a diverse selection ranging from the crisp and refreshing 'Plateau Light' to the robust and dark 'Viking' high-gravity brew, this brewery prioritizes crafting quality over fleeting trends. The brewery's outdoor beer garden transports visitors to an Appalachian Caribbean oasis, where live music sets the rhythm, campfires add warmth, and nature envelops you. Enhance your experience by savoring delectable fare from the 'Sauced Frog' food truck conveniently on-site, all while gazing at the Milky Way overhead. Lilly Pad Hopyard Brewery invites you to savor exceptional beers in a setting where every sip is accompanied by the soothing embrace of the great outdoors.


Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary, weaves together history, industry, and entertainment. Originally a menacing jail intertwined with a coal mine, it has undergone a remarkable evolution. Visitors can step back in time on historic tours, immersing themselves in the gripping stories of inmates who once inhabited its imposing walls. For those in search of spine-tingling experiences, paranormal tours unveil the prison's enigmatic past and the ghostly tales that linger within. At the conclusion of the prison tour, guests can savor the distinct flavors of the distillery, where vodka and moonshine are meticulously crafted.

Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary's storied history includes the confinement of notable inmates like James Earl Ray, the confessed assassin of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., in 1969. Ray's numerous escape attempts, including one that took him a mere few miles in the unforgiving terrain, are part of the prison's enduring legacy. Today, the prison's role has shifted, offering not only history but also culinary delights and live entertainment within its formidable walls, an extraordinary transformation that invites visitors to explore its captivating past and vibrant present.


"The magnificent Tennessee Theatre first opened its doors on October 1, 1928 and was hailed as “the South’s most beautiful theatre.” When the first patrons stepped inside downtown’s “movie palace” to see their favorite stars on the silver screen, they paid only 40 cents for matinees and 60 cents for evening shows (children paid only 10 and 15 cents).

Designed by Chicago architects Graven & Mayger, the Theatre has a Spanish-Moorish style interior that incorporates elements from all parts of the world: Czechoslovakian crystals in the French-style chandeliers, Italian terrazzo flooring in the Grand Lobby, and Asian influences in the carpet and drapery patterns. It was one of the first public places in Knoxville to have air-conditioning.


Its 95-year history includes highs and lows, from when movies reigned..."


Indulge your sweet tooth with a visit to the Tipsy Cow Ice Cream and Dessert food truck, conveniently located at Lilly Pad Hopyard Brewery.


Here, They're all about crafting delectable ice cream delights using the finest local ingredients, including honey harvested from the bees right on their property. The menu is a whimsical fusion of inspiration, blending the flavors of craft cocktails with the beloved tastes of the South. You'll even find ice cream infused with beer from the brewery, offering a unique and irresistible twist. Satisfy your cravings with top-selling flavors like the delightful "Honey Cornbread" or the nostalgic "Banana Pudding." At Tipsy Cow, they're passionate about elevating your dessert experience to a whole new level, one scoop at a time.

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